International Comedy Night with Fedor Iklaar

International Comic Fedor Ikelaar is coming to Muscat for an exclusive show on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. So get ready as the mood is set for an amazing evening filled with joy, laughter and hilarity! 

Date & Location
28th Feb 2024
Radisson Hotel Muscat Panorama, Al Ghubrah St, Muscat

Prices from
8.00 OMR

Fedor Ikelaar was born in Amsterdam, raised in France and lived in half a dozen countries. Which reflects on stage as he takes you on a laughter-filled, insane journey across the globe. With his unique perspective he manages to make his fumbling abroad in exotic places highly relatable and enjoyable.

Fedor has performed in over 40 countries, appeared at a long list of international comedy festivals, and was featured on the BBC. When he isn’t doing comedy he is working with animal shelters in The Netherlands, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Fedor has an amazing international fan base and a presence that is felt worldwide.

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